Welcome to List Factory

We live in a world in which Data is more vital than ever. Long gone are the days in which a marketing campaign could be generalized in the hopes of attracting potential customers by pure chance.

The Internet and Social Media have permanently changed the way business and brands market to potential customers. Consumers are becoming more intelligent and more aware of marketing and branding efforts that they now purposely ignore the hundreds of ads being shown to them on a daily basis.

Now that consumers are more tech-savvy and recognize when advertisers are trying to sell them a product or service; how do you capture their attention? You do this by understanding the Data collected on these people.

Here’s where List Factory’s marketing lists can help you make more informed decisions when building-out a marketing campaign for the Australian market.

At List Factory, we don’t just live and breathe data, we are data. Our list building services specialize in creating and managing marketing and mailing lists that allow you to target consumers likely to purchase your products and services or donate to your charitable organization.  With these targeted consumer lists your marketing team will build campaigns that have greater conversions, higher ROI’s, and lower Ad spend.

Whether it’s helping a small charity in Australia find more donors by running a small direct mail campaign or assisting a large utilities company find more clients through a telemarketing campaign; we get results.

Our field of expertise lies in building databases that focus on these key areas:

  • Consumer Data
  • Business Data
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Appending
  • Active Elsewhere Campaigns

List Building Strategies

Our List Building Strategies focus on building Data Co-Operatives, managing Consumer Data as well as Business Data for hundreds of marketers throughout Australia. List Factory is trusted with managing millions of unique direct response consumer and business database records every year because we know what we are doing.



Target millions of Australian consumers through predictive, responsive and updated transactional data from the Fusion Exchange consumer data co-op.

Contribute and use the targeting power of millions of direct responsive transactions to reach new customers and enhance your customer knowledge.


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Market to an Australian data pool list built upon the actual spend history of known direct responsive consumers.

Tap into the direct marketing purchase history of Australian households and select the consumers most likely to respond to your offer and become a customer.


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Gain access to highly effective B2B names that outperform traditional lists.

Find your new business customers with exclusive and responsive transactional data from the B2B Exchange data cooperative – the only B2B coop in Australia.

Target B2B decision makers using past purchase behaviour or enhance your own customer information with this Australian first data cooperative.


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Want more small to medium B2B decision makers?

Avoid the crowd and pinpoint businesses that need your products and market to the directors and owners who make the decisions in SME companies.


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Verify, validate and append decisioning data on demand to your new customers or prospects.

Get immediate customer verification, prospect validation and decisioning data in real time against transactional data pools.

Try the only online, real time verification service with transactional, behavioural and demographic data in Australia.


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