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CAMEO Consumer Classification and Segmentation

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The key to finding and keeping customers is to understand who they are and how they behave.

List Factory offers in depth consumer profiling and enhanced targeting with CAMEO geodemographics, a world leader in its field.

The CAMEO consumer segmentation system uses demographic, lifestyle and socio-economic factors to divide large pools of consumers into small groups of individuals with similar behaviour.

It works by linking address information to demographic, lifestyle and socio-economic factors including:

Segment by behaviour or geodemographics•  Age
•  Presence of children
•  Income
•  Household composition
•  Housing type & tenure
•  Weekly rent
•  Mortgage costs
•  Migration
•  Urbanity
•  Economic resources
•  Education & occupation
•  Industry sector
•  Car ownership
•  Internet usage
•  Purchasing behaviour

The world’s leading businesses use CAMEO for its unrivalled ability to generate customer understanding, identify potential customers and enhance existing customer relationships.

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