Gain new insights into your new and existing customers and prospects

List Factory provides the following housefile services to companies with customer or prospect databases:

fusion_now1.  Verification

Fusion Now – Immediate Online Verification

List Factory’s Fusion Now breaks new ground in verification.

It is Australia’s first online, on-demand verification service that uses transactional and behavioural data.

Fusion Now uses List Factory’s large data pools to access millions of accurate, updated records to verify and validate customer information, and new sign ups.

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2.  Reactivation

Discover if your inactive or lapsed customers are “active elsewhere”

Within your lapsed customers, there are existing opportunities to reactivate – and List Factory can identify specific pockets for you.

It’s the most efficient way of identifying prospects that still exist and are actively transacting elsewhere in the market.

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3.  Data Appends

Data appends to make campaign planning, internal analysis and database selections easier.

These are exclusive to members of our B2B Exchange and Fusion Exchange data cooperatives.

List Factory can append a range of transactional and geodemographic data variables to your customer data for in-house data analysis purposes.

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