Fusion List

Tap into the direct marketing purchase history of 1.5M Australian households.

Fusion List can provide you with all your mailing and telemarketing list needs. Fusion List is a marketing list that can be rented by all companies including charities for direct marketing purposes.

Fusion List combines the power of large volumes with the heightened responsiveness of niche marketing.

This transactional marketing list is built upon the actual spend history of over 2 million individuals.

This past transactional behaviour is used to predict future buying patterns.

fusion_listTherefore, Fusion List is highly responsive, because it can select the consumers that are most likely to respond to your offer.

Consumers can be targeted according to:

  • Recency (when they last purchased)
  • Frequency (how often they buy)
  • Monetary value (how much they spend, average order value, average spend, maximum spend)
  • Purchase method (credit card, cash, money order)
  • Purchase channel (mail piece, telephone sale, internet order)
  • CAMEO geodemographics
  • Geography including states, postcodes, CCDs, meshblocks and DPIDs
  • Profiling and modelling sample customer data

The spend history is regularly updated with buyers’ recent purchases, ensuring the data remains responsive and accurate.


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