Do you want to profile who your supporters are – and then find more of them with?

List Factory can help your charity reach its marketing acquisition goals by providing you with a charity donors list. This can be mailing or telemarketing data. Proven charity donors provide a higher chance of a successful campaign.

Our charity lists and consumer lists can analyse and model donor databases to find more prospects within Fusion List and Fusion Exchange.

Say goodbye to casting a wide net to increase your donor base.

List Factory’s Donor Scorecard process identifies the prospects most likely to respond to your appeal.

We use our extensive experience and customised technology to analyse hundreds of thousands of prospects and information variables to find those prospects with a proven history or high probability of donating to your cause.

This precision prospecting saves time, money and resources – three things all charities need more of.

List Factory developed the Donor Scorecard process after working extensively with many different charitable and not-for-profit organisations. We understand that it’s tough out there in the charitable sector, and that a specialised process was needed to drive a charity’s limited resources even further.


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